Hamnasya is a dark fantasy world created by Nicolas Lenain. It is a sprawling, living, breathing world filled with strange characters, fantastical monsters, terrifying encounters and all manner of might and magic.
Askaryl’s grimoire is the first part of the epic saga taking place in Hamnasya. A grimoire, or book of magic with immense magical powers has been stolen from its guardians, the Council of Great Wise Men. You will play Edhan, tasked with the perilous mission to retrieve the stolen book, while avenging the death of Alikia, his adoptive mother.

What is a gamebook?

Our app is in the form of a Gamebook, which will read much like any other e-book. The exciting difference is that you are able to choose the paths for the main character to follow. Your choices affect how the story unfolds and your decisions have a direct impact on the story’s events, the journey your hero takes and the conclusion he ultimately faces.


 RPG Interface:

At the start of the game, you create your character and select some abilities and special powers. You have to manage weapons, potions and magical objects that will help you in completing your quest.Playing Cards

 Level Up System:

During your adventures, you can gain experience points by defeating your opponents or by completing some tasks. As you level up, you receive extra points to your attributes and  also gain additional abilities and special powers.

 Fight Interface:

You will decide on the best way to defeat an opponent using either your weapons, magic spells or special powers.


Here is a sample of the soundtracks from our app. 

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

 Fully illustrated:

Several illustrations of the world of Hamnasya and its inhabitants.

Royal City of Kaïmara


Show and share your achievements and progress in your adventures with your friends on Facebook or Twitter.

 Interactive Map:

Hamnasya Map


 Note System:

You might decide to take some notes about some characters or situations that you will face during your adventures.

 Bookmarks System:

We implemented a bookmarks system so you can easily return to an earlier part of your adventures, if you are not sure about the path you are following. It can also be useful if you are facing a deadly opponent.



Hamnasya Gameplay Video:

In the Press

 “It looks amazing and enables you to create characters in a cool RPG interface that uses weapons and magic spells with a glorious new world to exist in. ” – Feedmyapp

News and Updates

Version 3.0 for iOS and Android


3 years ago

A new version 3.0 is addressing the issues that some users were having after the creation of the character.

Hamnasya on Android


3 years ago

Pleased to announce that Hamnasya is now also available on Google Play. Check it out!

New version 2.0 on iOS


3 years ago

A new version of Hamnasya is available from the AppStore. It adds new 3D Dice and special effects to the fights when using magic items and special powers. This update also solves some issues previously reported.

Hamnasya Trailer – The making of


4 years ago

New Version 1.2


4 years ago

We have just released on the App Store an update 1.2 to correct the issue of a black screen on some pages.

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